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The future is electric-III: Dramatic changes likely in India's industrial landscape
Dec 26: The website also carries here full details of the Indian electric vehicle manufacturing business.
8Detailed plans of major companies involved are carried here in different segments of the industry.
8Also find out more on the progress made in the plans to buy 20,000 electric cars by the government.
8The auto component segment is likely to undergo a dramatic change, with some segments going to be severely hit. Which are the companies likely to be hit hard and which will do better? Get a company-wise analysis.
8How is the charging infrastructure coming up?
8The electric revolution is going to have a huge impact on the industrial economy.
8Oil companies need to keep a close watch on what is going on and how realistic is the government's plan is to go all electric by 2030. What are the projected EV numbers going ahead and how will diesel and petrol consumption be impacted?
8Find all the answers here
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