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Demand for feedstock and raw materials in the fertilizer sector: We provide the best data
Dec 22: Now that the award of three more ammonia-urea projects has been settled, the demand for gas from the fertilizer sector is likely to see a sharp increase beginning early 2019.
8A CBM based urea plant was recently commissioned but it will eventually end up seeking more natural gas.
8The website carries here an overview of the fertilizer sector and its peculiar cost-plus dynamics. India's import dependence for urea is coming down, and some optimists think that the country in fact can become an exporter of urea.
8The likely commissioning dates of new projects do not necessarily mean a higher offtake of LNG as the commissioning dates are likely to match with first gas from the KG Basin developments.
8But going ahead, if new urea projects get traction, more capacity can come up, as India's demand for urea will continue to rise on the back of the government's attempt to increase farm income and productivity.
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Comment: Our software can provide the best estimates of commissioning dates of urea units as we update our data on a continuous basis. If you are looking for gas a connectivity matrix of the fertilizer industry as a whole, regulated and non-regulated, and the incremental likely increase in gas demand, subsequent to expansion of de-bottlenecking, you will get it all with us. Our market demand estimations are the best because of our continuous connection with what is happening on the ground


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