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Game changing CNG transport technology-II: How is it better than LNG?
Dec 20: The proponents of marine CNG sees the following advantage of CNG over LNG:
8Marine CNG is significantly cheaper than LNG - approximately 1/3 - 1/6th of the capital cost
8What is more these ships are re-deployable as 85% of costs are in the ships. By contrast, LNG consists mostly of sunk costs in fixed liquefaction export facilities and LNG import facilities
8Marine CNG ships and fleets can be sized to fit the initial market, followed by future investments phasing in only when the markets materialize.
8Ships can be added incrementally (phased in) as the market demand volumes grow
8Marine CNG can be sized to suit the market with minimal oversized capacity and thus no wasted Capex or Opex
8Opex increases only as actual volumes increase. LNG Opex is 100% of plant capacity regardless of sales volumes needed.
8CNG ships have the flexibility to deliver gas over a broad range of volumes
8CNG has minimal fixed infrastructure – the ships can be re-deployed to new applications
8These ships can be operational within maximum 3-4 years vs LNG development taking 6-8 years.
8Ships can be re-deployed to other operations at end of field life
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