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Offshore power in India: Taking off
Dec 20: Is it time for big Indian oil & gas industry companies to look at offshore wind as an investment to balance their carbon-heavy portfolios.
8The website carries here a plan to install as much as 5000 MW of offshore wind energy in the next five years off the Indian coast
8Grid integrations studies have shown that the extra power can be absorbed without much of a problem
8Levelised cost of electricity curves have been drawn up. The strike prices for non-subsidized wind power is already 50% lower than what they were two years ago in some markets in the world.
8Find out more on the reasons for the price breakthrough and where will prices go from here on.
8Also learn more about how the key challenges are sought to be mitigated to set up the capacity in India waters
8An emerging offshore wind industry will dramatically change the outlook for the Indian offshore shipping vessel industry as well. Find out how it will do so.
8What are the global best practices?
8China is India's benchmark now in emerging technology, so what is the country doing on this front?
8What are the different pathways to reach the 5000 MW mark?
8There is more on what kind of regulatory framework is needed and what kind of base infrastructure will India have to set up
8An action plan has already been drawn up
8Full feasibility studies are available in March, 2018 and this website will bring you those details
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