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Dec 19: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Hiring of Services of Pitless Drilling System Details
8Procurement of Carboxy Methyl Hydroxy propyl Guar and other items Details
8Carrying out Foundation and other Civil Works for Rigs Details
8Supply of Gate Valves under Rate Contract Details
8Supply of Coating Materials for Pipeline Rehabilitation Project Details
8Maintenance and Inspection of Crude Oil Storage Tanks Details

8Installation of pipeline across major river crossings of product pipeline from Dumad station to Akolner station by HDD technique and associated works Details
8Carrying out Civil and UG Piping Works in refinery Details
8Supply of Urea in refinery Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:  
8Iraq replaces Saudi Arabia as India's lead oil supplier Details
8Total launches large-scale development of Libra offshore in Brazil Details
8Growth in global coal demand subdued over next five years - IEA Details
8HPCL writes to Airtel on LPG subsidy issue Details
8Indian oil PSUs' permanent workforce slumped 13 per cent in 15 years Details
8GAIL renegotiating LNG deals with U.S. companies- minister Details
8Iraq to monitor oil pipelines with drones as security measure Details
8China takes a driving seat in global oil markets Details
8EIL officials took 2,549 overseas trips in 3 years Details
8Refining and Marketing: November saw strong rebound in oil demand Details
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