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Notes on the bio-fuels industry
Dec 18: 8China aims to build an advanced liquid biofuel system and put into operation a demonstrative facility that will be able to produce 50,000 tonnes of cellulosic ethanol a year, by 2020.
8Find out why the world’s ‘first’ commercial second-generation bioethanol facility  has shut down
8A business case has been made to build a commercial scale waste-to-renewable-jet fuel plant
8World’s ‘first’ municipal waste-to-ethanol facility starts production
8Find out more on how a US company has got into production of advanced biodiesel in India by processing one million pounds of low-cost waste feedstock unsuitable for use in traditional biodiesel production facilities and achieving high biodiesel yields by utilising its advanced enzymatic biodiesel process.
8Scientists are looking for new algae-based technologies to capture power plant emissions and convert them into a range of products including biofuels and other chemicals.
8Revolutionary progress is being made in the search for perfect algal strain.
8A company has claimed to be the first ever to have successfully converted actual landfill gas (biogas) into drop-in renewable diesel fuel with no fossil fuel additives.
8An Indian scientist is making waves for finding a ‘waterless’ purification process for biodiesel
8Find out more on the  Biofore Concept Car which demonstrates a totally new type of thinking, driving sustainable change and replacing oil-based materials with advanced, renewable biomaterials.
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