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Avail of our unique project monitoring software
Dec 15: Immodestly perhaps, we pride ourselves for developing what we regard as the best project monitoring software in the country. We felt the need for such a software because there are none in the country that provides dynamic and accurate forward looking information on the oil and gas industry in India.
8It took us a long to develop and perfect this unique software.
8One of the key ingredient of the software is its ability to provide a future RFQ date along with validated key contacts and telephone numbers for business opportunities in the oil & gas sector. Our coverage of the sector is going to be 100% soon, and then we would cover all possible business opportunities in available in the entire sector.
8There are dozens of search fields to look for a project, including one that identifies future RFQ dates for specific equipment and services.
8Even as we perfect the software, we have a highly motivated and intensively trained group of mechanical engineers to begin filling up relevant market intelligence into the software.
8Around 100 odd parameters around a future business opportunity is given to our clients, making life that much easier for them
8A deal can be just a phone call away now.
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