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Dec 13: 8With the United States increasingly perceived as an unpredictable ally, Europe perceived as inward looking, and Asian powers perceived as only lightly engaged in the Middle East, many participants expressed the view that Saudi Arabia was left with Russia as a vital partner for collaboration on issues ranging from oil market management to conflicts across the Middle East. 
8Counterview: There is increasing skepticism about whether US shale can indeed perform as a highly elastic source of supply—a “swing producer”—in the global oil market. Why is that so?
8Find out more on why it will be dangerous for policy planners to depend on gas demand increase in India and China to be pegged just to air quality concerns
8A new balance sheet based financing model for LNG terminals is coming up, and two of the biggest companies in the world are setting up such a terminal on this concept instead of setting up a separate project company and raising debt on project-finance basis. If this takes off, a lot of similar projects can go on stream globally and particularly in the US. Find out more on how this can dramatically change the LNG game.
8Find out why Russian methane emissions may weaken the case of gas as a clean fuel. Click on Report for more.


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