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Dec 12: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Supply of Sulphuric Acid in tankers for a period of one year Details
8Retubing of Heat Exchanger tube bundle during shutdown Details
8Procurement of Portable Radiation Pyrometer for GAIL Pata Details
8Civil Works for deployment of Work Over Rig HH-100T at Well Site Details
8Hiring of Services for Testing and Calibration of Pressure Safety Valves of eight Offshore Rigs for three years Details
8Procurement of Transmitters for Neelam and Heera Platform Details

8Annual Maintenance Contract for Emergency Response and ROU Maintenance for Mumbai region Pipeline Details
8Carrying out Operations and Maintenance of Fuel handling facilities of BPCL/ NTPC at Cheppad and Kayamkulam Details
8Procurement of Laser based Portable Gas Detection Instrument for GAIL Gas Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:  
8Indian govt favours petcoke import ban, US would be biggest loser Details
8AIIB approves $250 million in loans for building China gas pipelines Details
8China coal prices soar as gas shortages spur unexpected demand Details
8Premier Oil Plc to sell North Sea pipeline stake to CATS Management Details
8India's fuel demand rose 6.2 percent in November Details
8Goldman sees strong OPEC, Russia compliance to oil cut through first half of 2018 Details
8Israel gives initial nod to Indian, Greek exploration companies Details
8Here are some of the macro mess-ups that drove companies to bankruptcy Details
8Chinese suitor to AWE looking to ship LNG from Australia's west to east Details
8Saudi Arabia plans to maintain oil supplies in Jan at 6.9 mln bpd -industry source Details
8UAE says OPEC, allies to announce an exit strategy from supply cuts in June Details
8Definition change may let private exploration companies exploit shale Details
8Tankers gather off PDVSA ports amid delays in exporting fuel oil Details
8Brazil likely to limit cuts to local content requirements in oil contracts Details
8British energy prices spike on major North Sea gas pipeline outage Details
8UP sanctions Rs 17.84 crore for LPG connections in 42,000 govt schools Details
8Global banks undermining Paris climate agreement goals, say reports Details
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