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Breakeven oil price in 2018-19: Where does ONGC figure?
Dec 11: For reference purposes, the website carries here data on break even price data for international oil majors in 2018-19
8The point to note is that industry has driven cash flow break-evens from $90B to $53B since the oil price crash, heralding a tentative increase in investment
8Quite a few companies do not make the cash flow break even point of above $50/bbl, pushed by a high dividend policy
8BP's cost is higher than Shell and is above the breakeven point
8For many, if the cash flow model is changed to the basic breakeven level, then the cost is significantly lower, at between $30 to $40/bbl
8How do ONGC's domination oil stand up to these breakeven levels?
8That is an interesting question to ask
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