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Dec 07: 8As OPEC curtails output, US crude output recorded its highest monthly level in September. This has created the belief that the OPEC cuts while pushing prices up will not eventually have an impact as prices will be capped by rising US output. Click on Report for more.
 8Solar energy can replace diesel gen sets in Indian agriculture with electric pumps. As average incident solar radiation over India's geographical area is of 4-7 kWh/m /day with 250-300 clear sunshine days/year, solar pumps can do the job of ground water lifting and pressure water irrigation at the same time. The website carries here a suitable model of how to go about doing it. Click on Report for more.
 8Reliance has been granted $ 500 million loan to build an LNG terminal-cum-Power plant in Bangladesh. But the long term economics of such a plant in a power country like Bangladesh must be looked at again. If LNG based power is unviable in India, how can it be in Bangaldesh? Also, can Bangladesh really afford to pay for LNG-based power. If power has to be subsidized by the government, how will the math work out, eventually? Click on Report for more.
 8The LNG tank container market comes in all sizes, particularly when intermodal transfers are involved. The container market is highly specialized and a bunch of global companies have sway over it. Find out more on this market, if you are planning an investment in the LNG storage business, big or small. Click on Report for more.
 8Download the all-important Fifth Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement, 2017-18, of the RBI here. Click on Report for more.
 8Doubts have emerged over whether Russia will agree to join OPEC in an extension of production cuts beyond March. Click on Report for more.
 8Despite the fact that the crude carriers market has been moving sideways overall in the past days, sentiment has improved a bit compared to the week prior, with rates notable improvements taking place in a few routes. Click on Report for more.


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