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Mapping India's thermal power sector: Full matrices available
Dec 06: The website has fully mapped the relevant matrices of the Indian thermal power sector into its software.
8Key generation unit-wise contact data is not available along with full technical matrices.
8Ground level work by our analysts shows that the thermal market continues to remain active. And despite indications to the contrary, planning activities are still on for 660 MW power units.
The two key areas where demand will emerge are:
-- The dismantling segment where older units are pulled down and, in some cases, newer 660 MW units will come up, particularly in the state sector
-- The FDG market, where stricter environmental norms will lead to a flurry of orders
8The maintenance market, both planned and unplanned, will continue to remain active.
8A 30,000 foot to ground level perspective is now available of the entire power market in terms of total dismantling market, new markets and the market for shutdowns.
8Actionable business development prospects are now available.
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