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FRSUs for India-II: Small is beautiful
Dec 06: Small scale FRSUs may be more suitable for India than bigger projects going ahead.
8Smaller and medium sized vessels are more attractive conversion candidates of late
8Alternatives allowing smaller-scale deliveries of LNG are proliferating. These include various combinations of FSUs and FSRUs with associated regas or storage barges alongside; containerised LNG, where the gas is cooled and then transported as freight in cryogenic containers; and small-scale liquefaction -- either floating facilities using cryogenic barges or land-based facilities that can operate on a standalone basis or be linked to a larger liquefaction plant.
8The Indian suppliers will need to do a lot more home work, in terms of  the relative merits of each LNG delivery solution, including metocean analyses and navigational assessments,  environmental issues, local infrastructure and pipeline networks and relative costs along the value chain.
8Flexible LNG is clearly the key to expansion of LNG usage in India.
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