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Dec 04: 8Find out more on when MCX's next set of futures gas trading contracts end. Click on Report for more.
8Crude oil prices edged higher after the OPEC announced it would prolong cuts in oil output by nine months through 2018 on Thursday. Reports that both Nigeria and Libya decided to limit production added to a positive outcome of the meeting. But the technical view is that prices can go either way. Click on Report for more.
8A pre-budget memorandum has suggested a cluster approach be followed for chemical units as is being done currently for the plastic industry. Click on Report for more.
8With the advent of the electric car, the global demand pattern for the oil industry is going to change dramatically but there will still be key segments which will continue to to see soaring demand. Find out more. Click on Report.
8The growth of the gas industry is being increasingly questioned though demand projection continues to be robust. The only way the industry will grow going ahead is if it can avoid price spikes and it allays concerns over methane emissions. Click on Report for more.
8Find out more on how compressed load factors, low wholesale prices and market design uncertainty disrupted the investment model of gas plants. Click on Report for more.
8Upstream costs continued to decline in 2017 and find out how upstream oil and gas projects are getting smaller and faster. Click on Report for more.
8Full data on GDP estimates for Q2, 2017-18. Click on Report for more.
8Tata Power claims that rather than pushing one source of energy over the other, it is important to look at a world where there are multiple sources of energy. Click on Report for more.
8The website carries here the complete 100-page set of oil & gas data on the month of November, 2017. Click on Report for more.


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