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New data on EVs in India-I: New timelines
Dec 04: The advent of electric vehicles (EVs) in India has been a subject of much interest to the oil & gas industry.
Fresh research now shows that EVs will reach breakeven points, when they are equal to or cheaper than conventional vehicles, in the following timelines in India:
8Commercial cars: 2020
8Two wheelers: 2021
8Buses: 2022
8Passenger cars: 2023
8The inflection points have been advanced from earlier estimates because of rapidly falling battery cost.
8Disruptive technologies follow S-curves and once a technology wins, it could lead to the demise of incumbent technologies very quickly.
8What is more, time taken for disruptive technology to reach 80% penetration is shrinking very rapidly.
Are new refinery capacity builders taking these parameters into account in their estimates?
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