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Energy subsidies in India: A first time inventory
Dec 04: For the first time, an inventory has been built of all energy subsidies in India, apart from subsidies to nuclear power and large hydropower, which were excluded due to the lack of data. 8The reviewed subsidies are grouped according to the energy type they benefit: a) coal; b) oil and gas; c) renewable energy.
8The inventory covers three financial years: FY2014, FY2015 and FY2016
8The subsidies are defined as those given by way of budgetary transfers (this category does not include government loans and government loan guarantees), revenue foregone (tax breaks), provision of government-owned goods and services below market value (for example, the use of rail and other government infrastructure at below-market rates or preferential access to land and market) and price support (such as regulated fuel prices).
8The need for greater transparency is stressed and the need to analyse the data in a way that allows for better targetting and streamlining by the government
8Some of the findings are indeed starling
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