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5G technology end-of-life plastic to road ready fuels: Find out more
Dec 01: The website carries here the blueprint of a new 5G technology which uses end-of-life plastics to make road ready fuels.
8"By taking end of life plastics from our waterways and landfill and transforming them into a valuable resource" is what the company claims it does.
8The company claims to use unrivaled technology.
8The financial benefits are also clear and the market model is already established.
This is how the math works out:
81 tonne of plastics produces:
8850 litres of diesel
8212 litres of petrol
8150 kg of LPG
8Each plant has a capacity to produce 70 million litres of fuel per annum
8The company is going ahead with what it calls an international patent cooperation treaty.
8Different business models are spelt out.
8Is it time that some of the oil majors check out the technology?
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