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Dec 01: 8A one day conference is being held on use of ethanol as a transportation fuel and all the attendant problems that it entails. Click on Report for more.
8Bereft of orders in the power industry, BHEL is trying to rapidly diversify out. The company is looking to talk to market research organizations or technology licensors or project management consultants involved in LNG and ASU projects being executed in India. Click on Report for more.
8The website carries here a complete outline of the Indian oil & gas industry in India in terms of various opportunities now available in the upstream, midstream and downstream industries. Click on Report for more.
8Around 20 tcf of gas has been classified as technically recoverable reserves in the Cambay basin in Gujarat (the largest basin in the country) spread across 20,000 gross square miles with a prospective area of 1,940 square miles. Then again, the Krishna Godavari (KG) basin encloses a series of organically rich shales, containing around 27 tcf of technically recoverable gas. Find out more. Click on Report.


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