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The LNG story: Many twists and turns
Nov 30: 8Find out more on why even as LNG demand is growing rapidly, new markets are not providing the needed satisfaction to bankers to fund new LNG projects
8There are many who subscribe to the view that LNG demand will grow at a high compounded rate but there are four major uncertainties which can derail the growth rate.
8Even though India and China's LNG appetite is growing, the overall forecast of demand by 2025 has been lowered recently. Find out why
8Even though there are many LNG proposals waiting FID, find out why some of them are still getting sanctioned.
8Find out more on why LNG prices are going to hit rock bottom in 2019
8A doomsday scenario, where losses from LNG operations exceed the fixed tolling fee, may arise one day, warns a well known consultant.
8Can there ever be a tipping point, where the cost of gas-based power will be lower than that of coal? It is possible, according to some new data coming in
8Find out how Indian companies can take advantage of the increasing willingness of LNG suppliers to be involved with end demand creation. How can that be leveraged? Click on Detals for more.


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