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The future is here-II: A different kind of technology
Nov 29: The bio fuels route in this process involves the following four steps:
8The first is biomass conditioning, which is. sizing and drying to 10-0wt% moisture.
8The second element involves hydro de-oxygenation of the volatilized biomass to produce a raw hydrocarbon product with proprietary catalysts in the presence of low–pressure hydrogen.
8This serves both to remove oxygen and cap reactive free radicals to provide a stable hydrocarbon product.
8The third element is a fixed–bed hydro treater, which uses other proprietary catalysts to polish the first-stage product and transform it into a finished hydrocarbon fuel or blend stock.
8The fourth element is a Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit (HMU), which converts light gases generated in the first–stage to renewable hydrogen, in sufficient quantity to supply all
process needs.
Comment: Bio-fuel technology is now going hi-tech and proprietary. Big companies with vast resources are incubating newer technology. Efficiency levels are significantly high, and return on investments are now clearly visible. This will spawn a wave of such enterprises in India.
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