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The future is here-V: How can an Indian company build a future-ready template?
Nov 29: How does a very large company visualize the future by using one common template?
8The trick is to take its core current strengths and build the seeds of next-generation businesses around it.
8The next step is for early commercialization of such businesses.
8The idea is not to do everything yourself but through a cooperative model by investing with accelerators, incubators, using VC funds if needed to strength ties with innovative venture businesses.
8Continuous market research is needed to create business models linked deeply to future potential customers
8The focus is to create new value through the use of AI and IoT. The emphasis is to develop and nurture a "digital native" organization and human resources
8A large company template for future transformation is carried here and for the policy planner inside a company, an easy step-by-step method to being future ready is elaborated through the eyes of one of the largest industrial conglomerates in the world.
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