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CGD-I: Is the golden age upon us?
Nov 29: There are many who believe that green corridors, intercity travel, inorganic growth from new areas and residential usage would drive city gas distribution (CGD) companies rapidly forward.
8One line of thinking is that with the implementation of BS-VI emission norms, economics would be even more against diesel usage and would aid volume growth of companies such as IGL, MAHGL and GUJGA.
8The modifications required for adherence to these requirements would increase the cost differential between diesel vehicles and their petrol/CNG versions. While so far, the growth in CNG volumes has been primarily led by passenger vehicles, the next wave will start from commercial vehicles.
8Between FY17-22, the expectation is that CNG volumes will grow at a CAGR of 11%+ for IGL and at a CAGR of 8% for MAHGL.
8Piped natural gas is another area of growth as CGD companies set foot on new geographies.
8Curbing the usage of dirty fuels like fuel oil and petcoke by industries will further propel growth
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