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China's proliferating distributed energy system network-I: Lessons for India
Nov 28: China is building a robust distributed energy systems which integrate several power sources -- gas, solar, wind, coal, municipal solid waste, bio mass, among others -- across geographical locations.
8Distributed energy encompasses both heat and power generation. In India such systems will involve cooling assets as well.
8These systems have the potential to play a central role in power system transformation in India as they can provide solutions for cost-effective and secure integration of wind and solar power in a number of ways.
8Distributed systems cut down on T&D losses and brings energy systems nearer to the customer
8The Chinese example can be a great model for domestic policy planners who are yet to put their mind to driving such system in India
A range of technologies are in use, including:
Co-generation and tri-generation
-- Heat recovery systems
-- Absorption chillers
8Current costs and trends are deciphered and laid out. Different distributed models are elaborated. Digitally enabled connectivity-based business models with the ability to collect and analyse large amounts of data and to optimise the use of a vast number of assets are mushrooming.
8Find out more on the kind of policy parameters the Chinese have adopted to drive distributed systems.
8More importantly, there are many distributed natural gas systems in place -- as gas is deployed in industrial complexes, data centres, office buildings, hotels, airports and schools -- and Indian policy makers can study such systems and tailor make possible fits for local deployment.
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