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China's proliferating distributed energy system network-II: The end user gets tod ecide
Nov 28: Distributed Energy System (DES) stand apart from centralized energy systems. An average homeowner will never own a coal-fired power station, and is unlikely to ever feel that they participated in the decision to build one.
8Then again, buying power from the grid, there is no control over where the electrons came from. In contrast, the devices of energy consumption -- electrical appliances, the majority of heating systems, automobiles --  are selected based on consumer choices.
8With DES, the customer now can participate at all levels: they can own their own generation, their own storage, their own smart appliances.
8This is also relevant to stakeholders at all levels: increasingly homeowners, businesses large and small, and bodies such as local and state governments are participating in distributed energy solutions as a means to express an identity, whether it is to show a commitment to addressing climate change or to tap into the latest smart trends.
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