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Solar power at a little more than Rs 1/kwh is now a reality-II: Renewable based chemicals and petrochemicals will become viable at these prices
Nov 24: Gas is being pushed by its proponents as an intermediate fuel while the world transits into complete decarbonization.
8But it looks like renewable energy is now moving fast not just to eliminate coal but also gas from the equation.
8This is because the price of renewable energy is falling at such a rapid pace that no other energy source is in a position to compete anymore.
8Solar and wind energy prices, already lower than gas and coal fired power in India, are slated to go down even further as is evident from the results of Mexico's latest tender.
8No fossil fuel will be able to compete at this level any more
8At this level of pricing, an entirely new world of renewable based chemicals, petrochemicals and fertilizers may suddenly become viable, changing the existing paradigm entirely.
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