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Solar power at a little more than Rs 1/kwh is now a reality-IV: Gas majors commit to plug methane emissions but is it too late in the day?
Nov 24: Are the world's largest gas producers fighting a losing battle against renewable energy?
8The nervousness seems to be already evident.
8Behind-the-scene battles are being fought in what is turning out to be a grim war over which energy source will eventually take precedence in a decarbonizing world.
8Methane emission -- a powerful greenhouse gas --has been flagged off as a big negative when it comes to promoting use of gas in comparison to other fuels.
8In the midst of increasing awareness, the world's largest gas producers have signed up a petition this month to remove methane leakage down the gas value chain.
8A promise has been made to plug emissions, allow for more transparency in data collection on such emissions, fund new technologies to curb emissions and work with governments, NGOs and other stakeholders to clean up the act.
8Is this pledge coming too late in the day?
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