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Gas demand in India gets more uncertain-II: Power demand will never revive
Nov 23: It does not look like there will be a revival of demand for gas in the power sector
8The role of gas is predicated on an active policy to discourage the use of coal through fiscal disincentives, and induce a large-scale switching from coal to gas, which would also serve to create demand and encourage the development of infrastructure. This scenario could lead to a substantial and anchoring role for gas in the power sector
8Moving there however would require a nearly fivefold increase in the coal tax (now $6/t) and a potential 30% increase in associated electricity tariffs
8And this looks like a highly  improbable outlook.
8The outlook is also constrained by renewables policy and policy on coal and air pollution.
8Also find out more on how low PLF coal-based power plants can fill in the gap that gas is meant to fill.
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