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All electric by 2030: Err on the side of caution
Nov 23: The Indian oil & gas sector has been dismissive of the Indian government's attempt to make an all electric transition in the automobile sector by 2030.
8The cynicism is well deserved but the policy planner in the industry must keep their ears to the ground on what the other side is saying
8It is always essential to err on the side of caution when large investments are planned.
8One view is that overcoming key barriers to vehicle electrification in India’s passenger mobility sector presents an enormous challenge for India, and also a tremendous economic opportunity.
8India can leapfrog the western mobility paradigm of private-vehicle ownership and create a shared, electric and connected mobility system.
8And this will help save a massive 876 million metric tons of oil equivalent, worth US$330 billion (INR 20 lakh crore) and 1 giga-tonne of carbon-dioxide emissions by 2030.
8Clearly unachievable goals for now but oil & gas industry needs to keep listening to what this side of the story is all about
8Surprises can be unpleasant.
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