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Nov 23: 8ONGC Videsh Ltd is trying to dip its toes into what it thinks will become a billion barrel oil block in Africa. Is there a risk that it may not be the case? Click on Report for more.
8Around 6 million barrels per day of additional oil production is needed by 2020 even if the rest of the output will come from infield drilling. Where is this new output going to come from. Click on Report for more.
8Why is the anticipated bottoming out of offshore oil and gas market slower than was anticipated? If the first half of 2017 was bad is the second half any better? Find out more. Click on Report.
8Around 6-7 lakh ton of seamless pipes & tubes orders are coming up just between ONGC and OIL in the next two years. Who seems to be the most likely among Indian pipe manufacturers to garb these orders. Click on Report for more.
8There is strong momentum in dry bulk contracting for the newbuilding industry and the Chinese yards are the biggest gainers. Click on Report for more.
8Indian buyers have become dominant in the ship demolition market. The appreciation of local steel prices together with some recent container sales in India at around $440/ldt, have strengthened momentum and eventually have helped prices rebound substantially, with cash buyers appearing particularly aggressive in their offerings during the past week. Click on Report for more.
8Balance has yet to be achieved in the crude carriers market that saw average earnings move down overall for yet another week. Click on Report for more.


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