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Emission going up this year: Technological breakthroughs to be needed to plug the gap
Nov 21: Carbon emissions are going to up this year, after staying level last year
8The biggest changes in emissions are from a decline in coal and an increase in oil and gas
8India's emission levels are among the fastest to rise globally
8Multiple new emission reduction pathways are now being evolved in order to be able to stay within the two degree mark The uncertainty however is even greater when the availability of technology and time required for technology deployment are considered.
8Clearly, more technological breakthroughs will be need to plug the gap going ahead.
8To date, the integration of variable renewables has been enabled by flexibility options such as grid reinforcements, demand-side management, energy storage, sector coupling and flexible  conventional generation.
8However, the optimal strategy for integrating shares of  variable renewable energy higher than 50% on annual basis by 2050 is not yet known
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