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LNG prices to stay high-IV: Undocumented facts are emerging now
Nov 20: Newer and hitherto undocumented facets of the global LNG trade is now emerging.
8Weather or seasonal differentials has become an important determinant of LNG demand. Demand can drop by as much as 50 mmtpa as a result.
8The narrowing of LNG price differentials would automatically assume that hub pricing is going to be the new norm but the truth is far more complicated than that. Oil-indexed pricing is going to stay, but for reasons which are surprisingly different from what was through to be the case earlier.
8Find out why it is no longer possible to accurately project demand from the behavior of the biggest LNG buyers any longer.
8Also, find our more on how the initial import surge in newer markets may dry up sooner than later.
8Also check how Qatar is turning its interest towards the smaller importers and how, three years down the line, they constitute a bigger chunk of  total cargoes than some key markets.
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