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India drops in global energy ranking
Nov 17: Even as India seems to be going up in the "ease of doing business" index of the World Bank, it has slipped to the 92nd position from among 125 countries in a high regarded UN accredited ranking that is determined on the basis of an index that takes into account a country's energy security, energy sustainability and energy equity.
8The following definitions are taken into account while determining the ranking:
Energy security: Effective management of primary energy supply from domestic and external sources, reliability of energy infrastructure, and ability of energy providers to meet current and future demand.
Energy equity: Accessibility and affordability of energy supply across the population.
Environmental sustainability: Encompasses achievement of supply- and demand-side energy efficiencies and development of energy supply from renewable and other low-carbon sources.
8China, Vietnam, South Africa and Brazil have higher scores than India. Pakistan is at 102 and landlocked Nepal is at a very poor 117.
8This is a document that makes for interesting reading for policy makers, particularly at a time when a lot of effort is being made towards energy equity by pushing the LPG scheme to the rural poor.
8The pertinent point to note is the India poor ranking does take into account India's commitment to reduce carbon emissions and reduce import dependency on crude oil as well as other policy measures.
8Yet India's rankings are down because it is a relative ranking. Clearly, other countries may be doing more than what India is.
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