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Nov 17: 8Pressured by the unexpected 1.9 million barrel build in U.S. crude oil inventories and the 894,000 barrel build in gasoline stocks, as reported by the EIA, oil prices fell. This marked the fourth straight session for falling prices, as they traded near two-week lows. Click on Report for more.
8Venezuela’s PDVSA will use existing crude oil customers or new Indian state buyers as intermediaries to settle $449 million owed to India’s ONGC Videsh Ltd. India’s Oil and  Natural Gas Corp has an investment in a Venezuelan energy project and has so far received only $88 million of a $534 million dividend payment. Click on Report for more.
8Find out more on how GMR's strategic relationship with Tenaga Nasional Berhad and equity investors have impacted its gas based power plant business and what the company's game plan is to tackle low capacity utilization levels. Click on Report for more.
8IOC has signed a series of deals in Odisha of petrochemicals. Find our more. Click on Report.
8The performance of a sample of 1,241 Indian companies over the last quarter (Jul-Sep) 2017 reveals a negative picture, with net sales showing slower growth and net profits showing negative growth. In the midst of the gloomy picture, profits of oil & gas companies have swung upwards but this was more due to "external" than "internal" factors. Find out more about this in a detailed Report.
8Find our more on what is the latest output profile in RIL-BP's D-6 block. What are current loss figures and why is output falling so rapidly. Click on Report for more.
8Contrary to reports that the US shale industry is slowing down, the land rig markets in North America have seen a remarkable recovery. In the US, onshore rig demand surged by 105% to 976. This is likely to trigger an output rush. Get a detailed report about the number and categories of rigs deployed in the US in 2017 compared to previous years. Click on Report for more.
8If you are an oil sector professional, will it be possible to find renewable energy job? Renewable energy job creation is likely to see an exponential growth. The sector encompasses a broad range of skill sets. Find out more. Click on Report.
8India is not suitable for the shale oil revolution. Find out why. Click on Report.
8Find our more on India's most successful well services company. It has provided services for more than 50 offshore and 400 onshore wells. Click on Report for more.
8Get the latest carrier rates for LPG and LNG. Click on Report for more.
8Two international companies have joined hands to look for international opportunities and India is there focus. Is there anyone in India willing to join up or sell up to them? Click on Reports to know more.


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