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Offshore rig market: Still bottoming out
Nov 17: Find out more on why the offshore rig market continues to remain in doldrums
8Although drilling demand seems to be stabilizing, the magnitude of the order book and the schedule of deliveries will continue to put substantial pressure on fleet utilization over the next  few quarters. During the census period, fleet utilization stayed at 60% in 2017 – matching the record low set with last year’s 60%.
8Rig owners are still actively looking to adjust supply to the current level of demand. Newbuild delivery delays, quicker cold-stacking decisions and accelerated retirement of aged and obsolete assets are being actively used to reduce operating costs and provide some support for dayrates.
Find out the latest data on:
8Previous year's fleet
8Removed from service this year
8Rigs destroyed this year
8Newly acquired rigs this year
8Reactivated or assembled from parts this year
8Net change this year
8Total available rigs this year
8Total active rigs this year
8Utilization rate
The data is subsequently split up into rig sub categories
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