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Nov 16: 8The widening foreign exchange deficit has serious implications for the Indian economy. Here is a full analysis. Click on Report or more.
8Find out more on why gas may just become a transition fuel on the road to a decarbonized world as its role in power generation may get thwarted by renewables. Click on Report for more.
8To meet rising demand, China needs to add the equivalent of today’s United States power system to its electricity infrastructure by 2040, and India needs to add a power system the size of today’s European Union. Click on Report for more.
8Find here a full analysis of the Indian power sector and where it is headed. Click on Report For more.
8GAIL's transmission volumes saw an increase in increase offtake from power plants but that was due to a shortage of coal to keep the thermal power plants going. These volumes are going to shrink again once power supply improves. Find out more. Click on Report.
8The website carries here a list of "undeliverable" jackup rigs and OSVs at shipyards along with their completion status. Some of these vessels are now available at throwaway rates. Is anyone interested? None, would possibly be the answer. Find our more. click on Report.
8Find out more on Petronet's quarterly LNG volumes and average prices the company has been selling them for over the last two years. Click on Report for more.
8Find out more on ONGC Videsh Ltd in terms of its finances, recent acquisitions and alliances, turnover and profits. Click on Report for more.
8Package boilers market research 2022 by trends, drivers and challenges. Click on Report for more.


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