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Nov 15: 8Find out more on a fully indigenous water treatment and solutions company for the oil & gas industry. Click on Report for more.
8The website carries here a full analysis of the man made fiber industry in India, along with current demand-supply analysis, and the consequent implications for the petrochemical industry. We have a series of updated reports on the petrochemical industry prepared by our inhouse analysts. Go to our sister site and to our products and services page to access these reports.
8Get a breakdown of Vedanta's $1 billion capex in the Barmer field. The net capex in FY 18 is $250 million. Click on Report for more.
8Find our more on GE's oil & gas strategy as a new more aggressive management takes over at the helm. Click on Report for more.
8After two years of unprecedented decline, global upstream investment is expected to recovery modestly by 3% in 2017, but downside risks remain. Clck on Report for more.


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