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Newer threats to the hydrocarbon model-V: Regulatory changes can work, says report
Nov 14: An entirely new regulatory mechanism has been suggested for the world to go completely electric..
8Energy-intensive industries involved in international trade may not be able to afford process modifications to reduce CO2 emissions. A global agreement to create equality among industries (globally coordinated carbon pricing, for example) would in principle solve this issue, but is highly unlikely for political reasons.
8Another option would be for governments to restrict international trading of materials based on the upstream emissions associated with them, and to introduce border tax adjustment mechanisms. There is no evidence that the World Trade Organisation (WTO) or the various rules of a large number of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements would stand in their way.
8Governments could agree to devise common methods for calculating how much carbon is used in making products, based on ongoing work of the International Organization for Standardization.
8Jurisdictions could then decide to adopt a set of standards for the embedded carbon of the materials they use (e.g. in the context of a regional trade agreement), in line with their  efforts towards achieving a zero-carbon economy.
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