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RIL's petcoke gasification project-I: LNG requirement will fall by 24 mmscmd over six months
Nov 14: The gasification project will have end up internally utilizing around 24 mmscmd of syngas, and that will substitute expensive LNG
Here are the details
8Cogen fuel: Syn gas to be used 12.0 mscmd and will be used in the AGR/SRU units. Licensors are Linde/Worley Parsons, and the end use will be power & steam
8Hydrogen unit will use 5.5 mmscmd of gas, and will be processed in the Shift / PSA section, and the licensors will be Fluor / Linde with the aim of producing ultra low sulphur fuels
8SNG: Around 3.5 will go into a Methanation unit with JM Davy as the licensor and the product will be used as heater fuel
8Heater fuel on its own will use up 2.2 mmscmd of syn gas and the  LBG heaters is using Linde / Heurtey technology
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