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RIL's petcoke gasification project-II: Future projects already on pipeline
Nov 14: RIL has already begun working on the enhancements to syn gas
Future enhancements will include:
8NH3:  Recover NH3 @ 140 kt/yr from sour water
-- 43% from gasification + 57% from refinery
-- Convert N, a crude contaminant, into an opportunity
-- Substitute imports, into India
8Urea:  Exploit pure CO2 from gasification shift
-- Add CO2 to NH3, recovered + imports
-- Boost fertilizer supply + food security of India
8Vanadium:  Recover vanadium(V) @ 9.5 kt/yr from gasification slag
-- Recover Ni @ 2.0 kt/yr as co product
-- Convert V, a crude contaminant into a metals opportunity
-- Become a global #1 in V, a micro alloy for high strength steel
8Ethanol: Exploit syngas for synthetic ethanol
-- Use biochemical reaction kinetics
-- Blend ethanol into crude derived gasoline
-- Stretch gasoline without crude increase
8APC + RTO:  Develop integrated gasification model
-- Model scope = 10 gasifiers + syngas headers
-- APC = Advance process control
-- RTO = Real time optimization using ROMeo software
-- Enhance gasification performance
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