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RIL's petcoke gasification project-III: Project rationale
Nov 14: What is RIL's thinking behind the gasification project?
Here is a synopsis
8Utilize petcoke, lowest value refinery product as gasification feed
8Eliminate petcoke sales + LNG imports to boost Jamnagar GRM
8Supply discounted H2 to maximize ultra low S gasoline + diesel from refinery
8Enable petrochemicals from the ROG Cracker, with C2 + C2= / SNG swap
8Transform Jamnagar into an iconic refinery, with petcoke gasification
Gasification enhancements
8Value add gasification streams for NH3 + urea + V + ethanol
8Target best-in-class gasification performance with APC + RTO
Syngas utilization
8Exploit CO recovered from syngas for acetic acid + ethylene glycol + acrylic acid
8Acetic acid can be a building block for acetyl chemicals
8Exploit low H2 /CO syngas for oxo alcohol + DME + MMA/PMMA
8DME can be blended into LPG, to stretch crude derived LPG
8Transform Jamnagar into an iconic chemicals complex, with CO + syngas
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