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Nov 13: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Gas Detection System in Agartala and Assam Region Project Details
8Carrying out Risk Assessment of Maharashtra region Natural Gas Pipeline network Details
8Procurement of 60 MT Potassium Hydroxide and 50 MT of Caustic soda Lye Details
8Carrying out Civil works at drill site LKBB in North Bank area Details
8Carrying out Civil works at drill site GKJG_H in Geleky area Details
8Supply of Dimethyl Disulphide DMDS in refinery Details
8Construction of NAG-SE-V1 Drill Site in Nagayalanka Field in Krishna Area Details
8Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Non-Intrusive Online Thickness Monitoring System to refinery Details
8Supply of Pipes to refinery Details
8Supply of Di Ammonium Phosphate at refinery Details
8Supply of Ball Valves for Aviation Module Details
8Maintenance, Inspection and Upkeepment of mainline facilities and RoW of Paradip-Haldia-Barauni Pipelines and Paradip Haldia Durgapur Pipeline Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:  
8Petronet drops plans to buy stake in GSPC's Mundra LNG plant Details
8Ghana's maritime boundary victory to spark crude oil bounty Details 
8Mumbai BEST goes green, introduces electric buses to cut fuel cost Details
8In Karnataka, 50,000 families from DK district to get LPG connection Details
8New bio-fuel policy soon to address Delhi smog like situations: Pradhan Details
8Saudi Arabia suspends oil supply to Bahrain after oil pipe explosion Details
8Egypt says fuel subsidy costs rise in first quarter, no price hikes this year Details
8Anti-Trump group says most of US economy backs Paris climate pact Details
8Congress demands petroleum products, real estate be brought under GST Details
8ONGC aims to complete HPCL acquisition by March: Chairman Details
8GAIL pipeline: Kerala government to double compensation for land owners Details
8Fuel tax cut drill in poll time Details
8HPCL kicks off campaign to encourage judicious use of petro products Details
8Petronet looks to buy stake in Qatari LNG projects Details
8HPCL corruption case: Special CBI court acquits two Details
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