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Rs 13,000 crore power plant aimed at Bangladesh-II: Why trading power is not a great proposition for India
Nov 09:  Given the fact that Bangladesh is dependent on liquid fuel or gas fired generation, it will perhaps make sense to supply low cost power from India.
8But the problem is who will handle the carbon emission overhang. In the longer run it will be futile for India to take the emission load in return for selling cheaper power to Bangladesh unless of course the emission overrun is compensated through a bilateral emission trading system.
8In that context perhaps, Bangladesh may be right to embark on LNG-based power generation. If the price of carbon is factored in, using LNG to fire its own power stations makes sense for Bangladesh (see our emission abatement costing analyis of different power sources below).
8The possibility of trading power to Bangladesh may still exist but that could be when there is an excess of renewable power during the day, and that too only if we have a surplus in a situation where inexpensive baseload coal powered stations have to kept running for technical reasons.
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