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The electric car marches on...
Nov 09: Advances in electric car technology are now grabbing more headlines than ever before.
This week the following new developments have been announced:
8More than half a dozen large carmakers, including Audi, Ford and Volvo, are soon expected to begin selling electric vehicles (EVs) that can be charged wirelessly.
8EV drivers will welcome, it is thought, the ability to top up an electric car by using a smartphone to locate, reserve and rent charging pads while parked for a quick errand or overnight, without needing to fuss with a cord.
8Perhaps most importantly, cutting the cord allows EVs to charge on the move. At three sites in South Korea, trams and buses charge as they drive over a series of embedded coils that are sequentially flooded with pulses of electricity as a vehicle passes overhead. Renault is helping to test this technology in Versailles, near Paris. And Israel’s transport ministry is funding a test on a short stretch of a street in Tel Aviv. If about a sixth of an EV’s route were electrified in this way, it would never need to stop for a charge.
8In another important development, in what is being denoted as historic, Google has announced that its self-driving cars will no longer use a human safety driver while they are tested on the roads of Phoenix, US. Members of the public will soon be invited to take trips in Google's fully self-driving vehicles.
8Google is officially announcing its plans to launch an autonomous taxi service in the metropolitan area of Phoenix following the testing period that’s set over the next few months.
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