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Economics of power generation-I: What every gas supplier must know
Nov 09:  For any policy maker in the petroleum sector, it is important to stay closely in touch with the fuel economics of power generation in what is now becoming a very fluid situation on the ground.
8The website carries here the most comprehensive and well-defined set of cost data on the cost of power according to generation source. The data is updated as of September 2017.
The levelized unsubsidized cost range is given for different power generation sources, including:
8Solar PV—Rooftop Residential
8Solar PV—Rooftop C&I
8Solar PV—Community
8Solar PV—Crystalline Utility Scale
8Solar PV—Thin Film Utility Scale
8Solar Thermal Tower with Storage
8Fuel Cell
8Biomass Direct
8Diesel Reciprocating Engine
8Natural Gas Reciprocating Engine
8Gas Peaking
8Gas Combined Cycle
The analysis assumes 60% debt at 8% interest rate anId 40% equity at 12% cost for conventional and alternative energy generation technologies.
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