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Adanis' unveil "integrated pit-to-plug" play for its Australian coal project-I: Group seems to have found an ingenious way of funding it
Nov 07: When the Adanis unveiled their grand Rs 100,000 crore coal-to-petrochemical project in Gujarat last week, the question on everyone's mind was: How would they fund such a project?
8Cash strapped Indian banks will be unwilling to extend a helping hand beyond a point. The Adanis currently do not enjoy a credit profile of a kind needed to loan that kind of money.
8A Supreme Court order that did not allow a pass through of higher imported coal prices to the electric tariff out of their 4600 MW Mundra power project has forced the Adanis to put up the plant for sale at a token of Rs 1 despite spending billions of dollar to set it up.
8The family however cannot be faulted for the sheer scale of their ambition and their inability to give that up even in the face of looming adversity.
8In what can be termed as an attempt unprecedented in Indian economic history, the Adanis are now trying to secure funding for their Rs 100,000 crore project from sources that few Indian entrepreneurs could dream up
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