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Adanis' unveil "integrated pit-to-plug" play for its Australian coal project-II: How will it work?
Nov 07: The Adanis have told the Australian government that the coal from the group's controversial Carmichael coal mine will be part of what what is being termed as “integrated pit-to-plug strategy”.
8The idea now seems to be to use coal from the Carmichael mine to power the massive coal-to-petrochemical project.
8Earlier, the Adanis had told the Australians that they would utilize the coal to light up a 100 million homes but that dream has gone sour with the Supreme Court order on the family's Mundra power plant.
8The coal-to-petrochemical plant now fits very well with the “integrated pit-to-plug strategy”, with the quantum of coal (35 million tonnes per annum) needed for the project to be supplied from a captive mine in Australia
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