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Adanis' unveil "integrated pit-to-plug" play for its Australian coal project-III: Viability is an issue
Nov 07: Does a coal-to-petrochemical project of the size planned by the Adanis make sense in today's world?
8Apparently in does as the plant can be competitive when compared to other conventional feedstock such as gas or naphtha.
8The landed cost of LNG or even domestically available gas (as the price is to be pegged to DES LNG price in the West Coast of India) is expensive in India whereas the costing exercise for Adanis' coal-to-petrochemical project will be an internal one, given that coal is being supplied from a captive coal mine.
8The cost economics of the integrated project is of importance then and not just the Australian project.
8Financing too will be on an integrated scale.
8India does offer a ready market for the products from the coal-to-petrochem project
8Click on Reports to find out how a super sized coal gasification project can work in India. Also find out more on coal gasification and how it compares with other competing feedstock.
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