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Refining capacity can be under threat-I: The shift to electric vehicles should not be ignored
Nov 07: In the euphoria surrounding the continuing spike in the consumption growth of petrol and diesel and the hectic pace at which new refining capacity is being built in India, oil companies must pay heed to the quiet but significant changes that are laying the ground for a paradigm shift from internal combustion engine vehicles to zero emission vehicles.
8It is already known that India has plans to go for an all-electric fleet by 2030 though for now it may look like a lofty target.
8But as various stakeholders look to understand the implications of this transition, the website provides answers here on the following questions:
8How would the current industry ecosystem change as a result of the electrification drive by the government?
8Which vehicle segments are likely to lead the drive toward electrification?
8How will the charging infrastructure evolve and what charging models would be the most suitable in the Indian context?
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