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Software updates: Fertilizer projects
Nov 06: Ammonia-Urea Energy Saving Project 
8Cost - Rs 250 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer company is planning to reduce the energy consumption at its fertilizer complex. The capacity of the ammonia plant is 1245 MTPD and the urea capacity is 2046 MTPD. There is also as 12 MW of Captive Power Plant in the complex.
8Project Event: RFQs for the LSTK contractor are likely to be released in January 2017 in place of November 2017 due to lack of funds. The company is still struggling for capital approvals.
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SSP Fertilizer Greenfield Project   
8Cost - Rs 90 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer company is planning to re-release the tender for an LSTK contractor for a greenfield Single Super Phosphate Fertilizer project with a capacity 800 MTPD at Pandoli in Rajasthan. The tender was floated earlier but at that time bidders did not fulfill the BEC requirements. The equipment requirements are Cranes, Hoppers, Feeders, Conveyors, Valves, Grinding Mills, Tanks, Separators, Pumps, ID Fans, Collectors, Generators, Mixers, Dens, Scrubbers, Screens, Elevators, Furnaces, Cyclones, Blowers, Belts, Weighing machines and more
8Project Event: RFQs for LSTK contractor is likely to be released in December in place of November 2017 due to delay in the discussion.
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NPK/SSP Annual Maintenance Project 

8Cost - Rs 0.30 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer company is planning an annual maintenance in April or May 2018 at its fertilizer complex in Nidadavole in Andhra Pradesh. the complex is made up 45000 MTPA of SSP and 30000 MTPA of NPK.
8Project Event: RFQs for Annual Maintenance Contractor is likely to be released in January or February 2018
Synthetic Organic Chemical unit : Equipment needed
Sources said that proposal for the terms of references for the expansion of a Synthetic Organic unit has been granted and currently they are preparing a Detail Project Report (DPR). The proposal for the environment clearance is likely to be submitted in January 2018, and a tender for equipment is likely to be released after the environmental clearance.
8The power requirement is sourced from AP Transco. for emergency power back up company is also proposed a DG Set.
8The company has also proposed an effluent and treatment plant with a capacity 532 KLPD.
8The project Investment cost is around Rs 800 crore.
8The equipment requirements are Heat Exchangers, Evaporation plant, Flaking plant, HCl graphite plants, Waste Chlorine absorption system, Chlorine liquefaction and Storage Tanks. To support the process equipment Boilers, Chilling Plants, Cooling Towers
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Expansion of Synthesis Organic Chemical Unit: Natural gas needed
An existing company is planning to enhance the capacity of Synthesis Organic Chemical unit India.
8The projected investment cost is around Rs 25 crore.
8The existing power requirement is about 300 KVA, Company has also proposed a 125 KVA DG Set for their expansion. 
The raw material requirements are:
8Natural Gas for Steam boiler: 400 SCMD.
8Diesel: Existing - 20 Lit/ Hr, Proposed: 20 Lit/ Hr
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