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Rs 100,000 crore coal to gas and petrochemical project-I: Product slate drawn up
Nov 06: The Adani Group has decided to get more ambitious with its coal-to-petrochemical project in Gujarat.
8The investment cost has now been pegged at a massive Rs 100,000 crore.
8It will import an unprecedented 35 million tonnes of Australian coal every year and source 2.2 million tonnes of lignite domestically for the project.
81000 acres of uninhabited land has been specifically identified for the project.
The following is the product slate:
8Methanol: 5 MMTPA (Million Metric Tons per Annum)
-- 1.3 MMTPA for Merchant sale
-- 3.7 MMTPA for downstream chemicals
8It will produce as much as 26 MMSCMD of syngas, a substitute for natural gas.
8Ammonia: 1.1 MMTPA
8Acetic Acid: 1 MMTPA
8Poly-olefins ( Poly-propylene and Poly-Ethylene) :0.65 MMTPA
8DME Plant: 1 MMTPA, a substitute for LPG.
8Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Limited (APSEZL) will be supplying the total water requirement for the plant. This RO water would be utilized to meet the cooling water make-up, DM water make-up and Plant/Utility water requirement of the complex. The water system is highly integrated and is designed for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).
8The total estimated power requirement for CTP Plant is 2600 MW out of which 600 MW would be generated from internal process steam and balance 2000 MW power.
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